Artist Statement


My work is influenced by a sum or symbiosis of current expressionist, surrealist and abstract trends but always keeping its origin and creation with a contemporary vision and style.

I am from the generation that witnessed the creation of color and the progress in photography and television and my argument has always been: “Why should I do and repeat the same thing that can be captured with a photo or video camera which in turn will show a better depiction of reality?”

I respect those lovers of realism and those who create it and purchase it. I understand that there were no financial, and especially technical, resources during the times of the great artist masters; resources that the 21st century presents us for creative expression purposes.

​For me, being an artist is being yourself accomplishing the mission you are supposed to accomplish; being an artist is developing your own style and keeping yourself focused even if the world around you tells you it doesn’t understand it and others think and say what is right and perfect.

I love expressionism, the contemporary surreal and abstract. I love what comes from the inspiration that the Divine gives me, and I, as an artist, just somehow capture it in my own style, to fulfill my mission on this Earth. I simply paint on a daily basis with a translucent mixed technique those messages that I am given, and I place them into the canvas of existence. These translucent images often can only be seen by illuminating each work from behind and emerge as subliminal messages as a result of light for the free interpretation of the viewer.

Following the parameters delivered via a vision, I created an inspirational artistic proposal, which I called Anthropoartheism. This concept comes from the fusion of three words: “anthropo” which comes from anthropology, that is the study of human reality, “art” which is the manifestation of human activity through which it expresses a personal vision and selfless interprets the real or imagined artistic resources, language or sound and “theism” is the belief in a personal and provident God, creator and keeper of the world.

My thesis of Anthropoartheism consists of inviting humans to discover art through the spiritual being inside of them in the midst of a world shaken by war, lack of integrity, full of evil and little appreciation for life. It is a path and option to re-inspire and let the natural talent with which each person was sent here with a mission and thus recognize what we can contribute to others in their growth.

Anthropoartheism promotes freedom and give free rein to creativity in any art (whether painting, poetry, theatrical, etc.), though one must not necessarily be someone gifted to be a part of it. Anthropoartheism respects diversity without discrimination of culture, social status, sex, race or religious belief.

In my work, as proposed by Anthropoartheism, seeks to integrate visual art and poetry as a means of communication between the human and the Divine, between the imperfect and perfect. My work is a call to “re-inspire” and use creativity as a method of healing and personal growth and social development.

My proposal is contemporary inspirational art, which is plural art that adds and multiplies and not subtract or divide.

My Anthropoartheist proposal is the art of all; it is the art created by people who always had desires inside to do some artistic activity but timidity, frustration, fear or simply lack of time, have not taken a risk to unleash their inner creative selves. So, Anthropoartheism is an alternative to achieve this because this is the following:

Polyglot; because it speaks several languages and allows everyone to express themselves through their own creations.

Polytechnic; because it embraces many sciences and techniques to create works.

Multimedia; because it uses different media (written, oral, visual, etc.) to express ideas.

Multifaceted; because it offers several facets or aspects of each creation but each piece are unique.

Multi-phase by combining several steps in the design and development of each art project.

Polytheistic; because it allows everyone is an artist of his own work guided by the belief in a personal and provident God, creator and keeper of the world no matter the religion or belief.

Polymorphic; because even with the application and use of any technique, the works can change their projection without changing its nature and the message they mean to express.

Poly-chromatic; the multiplicity and variety of mixed colors used for their creation.

And Anthropoartheism is polyvalent because it is endowed with several efficiencies in processing and re-inspiring each one of the people who use it as creative expression and method of reconnecting with themselves.